We have much to learn from high standard of service in Taiwan

Recently I spent a long weekend in Taipei; I once traveled to Taiwan about nine years ago. At that time I was amazed by the local cuisine, but this time I had more time to get a “feel” for the city, its culture and people. What “amazed” me was the people working in the service […]

Trump’s trade fight with China creates pain for all, including Midwest farmers

When he set out to extract concessions from China and other countries, President Donald Trump assured Americans that “trade wars are good, and easy to win.” He regarded previous presidents as easy marks for devious foreign governments, and he thought his tough tactics would force those rivals to back down. But after two years of […]

China /US Trade Issues

U.S.-China economic ties have expanded substantially since China began reforming its economy and liberalizing its trade regime in the late 1970s. Total U.S.-China merchandise trade rose from $2 billion in 1979 (when China’s economic reforms began) to $636 billion in 2017. China is currently the United States’ largest merchandise trading partner, its third-largest export market, […]

Pegasus set to cruise high above the bay

Pegasus Fund Managers Ltd, one of Hong Kong’s leading fund management and professional financial advisory firms, is confident about the economy and markets of the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong this year as it eyes opportunities from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. “Economic growth in both China and the US is still quite strong, […]

Managing brands with a license to thrill.

LG Partners focuses on affordable luxury brands and ultimately globalizing them After successfully exiting his latest tech venture in 2011, Ryan Garelick was on a United Airlines flight to Shanghai about a week later curious if he could ply his experiences in the fast-paced, rapidly-evolving tech world to an old economy business dynamic facing an […]

‘You should always believe in your dreams’

Roger Staeheli, who hails from Switzerland, did not pick up the coffee aroma at school or in his childhood. He majored in economics at university and was in the banking field in his early career. Nespresso’s booming business in 2005, particularly in Switzerland and France, was a clarion call to him – coupled with his […]

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